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On 1/25/09 and again on 2/1/09 Glen was a guest on Houston radio station KSEV am 700.

Melissa and Glen were on the Dr.Phil Show on Friday, 10/3/08.

On 8/16/08 Glen spoke on the Senate lawn of the U.S.Capital in Washington D.C. Type him in on youtube and watch the speech.

Glen spent Friday 6/13/08 in Austin for The National Fatherless Day Rally ! They were protesting at the Capital for fair and equitable custody laws on behalf of  Fathers4 justice.

Glen was interviewed on WMKV 89.3 FM as a guest on Grandparenting Today.
Listen to this amazing interview as the host of the show cries on the air while talking about this book. Click this link.

                                     For more information you can reach them at




                         Or write to:  WindBlown Books.
              P.O.Box 721683
Houston,Texas. 77272-1683

Some reviews....

  Glen, before I begin I must say that no one should have to go through what you've gone through. As I began reading your book it soon became apparent I wasn’t going to be able to put it down.

Knowing this is a true story tugs at the heart-strings and causes one to cringe knowing what those precious children endured. Right or wrong, it is not for me to judge. As a Mother who would do anything for her children I can see why you did what you did. If you hadn’t, heaven only knows what could have happened to them living in the environment they were living in.

Your story is not only compelling and heartbreaking, but also a testimony of real love from real people who live and breathe everyday and are there for us in times of need. Some would say they were angels and I believe that would be correct. You were so blessed to have family that supported you in your decision; but you already know that.
This is truly a remarkable story of bravery, courage, and hope. It was an honor to read this book.

Holly Harbridge, accomplished author of multiple books and poems. Read about this special person here

   Glen, finally - I've finished this book and I must tell you that words can not begin to describe how touching this story is. One can only be blessed and encouraged to do great things in the world through acknowledging a higher power, all the while following ones own heart. What profound strength, courage, love and devotion. This book would make a great movie and bring tears of joy and sorrow to many eyes!!

Kathryn Carrington, accomplished author of multiple books and poems.

This was nothing less than an emotionally moving, take-my-breath-away, heart-gripping read. Parts of the book were very difficult for me to get through because I could feel the pain behind what you and your children experienced. Yet, what I felt more deeply than the pain was the unwavering love and commitment that compelled you to do whatever was necessary to protect your children. What an amazing journey this life has brought you. I wish you and your family the love and happiness you so deserve.

Gianetta Ellis, well known author and poet.

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