"Unlawful Flight; a parental kidnapping"

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 About this TRUE story.

This story happened the way it did because of :

Parental alienation ( PAS )   in it's worst form.. by way of lies and false allegations of sexual abuse of the children.

2. A mothers desire to use the children to her advantage..by way of bargaining with them.

3. A fathers desire to remain a part of their lives..for him a life without them in it would be no life at all.

4. A judge with NO history of giving custody to the father..so much for a fair playing field in his courtroom.

. The help of family, friends, teachers & strangers.. without whom they couldn't have possibly stayed together.

6. The flip of a nickel in a motel room in Van Horn, Texas. It landed heads and that brought them to Houston.

7. And above all else,  Gods help every step of the way !

 The story begins with all of the things that lead up to Glen taking his children years ago and disappearing. It then puts you in place with them as they must hide from everyone, family, friends and law enforcement and begin to build not only a new life, but a circle of support around them using complete strangers that they meet along the way. The circle of support is called into play and goes into action when Glen is found and apprehended by the FBI, charged with Unlawful Flight to avoid prosecution on a state of Ohio kidnapping warrant. Thanks to Glen's co workers, the principal of the school , a few teachers and some friends, the children are hidden and protected. Once back together, they are namelessly tucked away at a motel by a friend in law enforcement until attorney Eric Andell can begin to unravel the mess that they are in and hopefully keep them together somehow.

             Sally Jessy Raphael called it a fantastic story !

       Kimberly Guilfoyle of FOX NEWS said it was amazing!

    And Dr.Phil encouraged people to buy it , read it and judge    
                                  Glen  for yourself!

Sue Zimmermann of the Grandparenting today show in Cincinnati cried while discussing the book after having just finished reading it.

Copyright © 2007. Unlawful Flight. All rights reserved.


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