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Glen said on the Dr.Phil show that good parents should always put their children first and put their own differences aside. He asks that you see through the bitterness and do what is best for your children, now and always.

 A lifetime blood donor, he encourages you to please give      the gift of life by donating today!  It costs you nothing but a little time and it saves so many lives.
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Gold medal winner Glen has been writing for almost all of his life.You can read some of his work at www.authorsden.com/glencschulz  

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Busy in the fight to keep BOTH parents involved in their childrens lives, Glen is the founding member of the Houston fathers rights group. The link is www.fathersrights.meetup.com/212/
He is also a member of these groups

 Fathers for Justice, at www.f4j.us/  

Barry Kilgore and myself


After his book was published Glen began speaking for Fathers rights, but after hearing such an outcry from Mothers who miss their children too, he now fights for the rights of both. PARENTS who love their children are being kept from being good parents because of an alienating ex, or an unfair court system or a failing CPS system. Child protective services is helping to sever the ties of good parenthood by failing to properly investigate false allegations from a pissed off spouse.

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 Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, Glen has five brothers and one sister and they were all raised to believe in God and to help others whenever possible. Their parents, Daphne and Marvin, helped more people than could ever be counted, some of it explained in this book. This story is proof that the help you give others will be returned tenfold when you yourself need it most.

  Glen was the Collision Center manager of Sterling McCall Lexus in Houston for many years and spent ten years writing "Unlawful Flight". He writes short stories and poems now and is working on a series of childrens books. Some of his childrens stories are listed on the Reviews and more page and will be published by WindBlown Books in the near future. He enjoys time spent with his children and grandchildren, riding his motorcycles, skydiving with his daughter, writing, swimming, reading and his pets. Animal lovers all their lives, Glen and Debbie currently have twelve cats, all strays that found their way to them, each either hurt, sick, or in need of some TLC. Each has it's own personality and each one is grateful to have someone who cares about them.

Favorite group- Pink Floyd. Favorite movie- The Usual Suspects. Favorite actors- Tom Hanks and Madeleine Stowe.

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