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      Brian was seven and about to start second grade when his father took him and his sister and disappeared from Ohio in August of 1981. On the evening of his eighth birthday on October 2nd, they were forced to leave Phoenix because the police had already located them. With everything they owned packed in the car, they headed east and Houston became their new home. In 1983 when his father was apprehended by the FBI, Brian and his sister spoke in chambers with the Judge and the attorneys involved in the 246th court of Harris County, Texas and helped his father overcome all charges and win full custody of them.

      Brian is thirty eight now and married to Mynda, the love of his life. He is the proud father of two children of his own, ten year old Emma and seven year old Mason. Brian graduated Magna Cum Laud from the University of Houston with a bachelor of science degree and then went on to receive a masters degree in education from the University of Kentucky .  Mynda is a registered nurse and works in Houston. They now own a home and live in Pearland Texas, about an hour from Glen.

Here is Glens' poem called "Daddy, why did you go?"

How do you describe sadness?


           Daddy, why did you go?

We saw you drive by the house today,  Mom had made us go out and play. She's been mad at us lately but why I can't say. Daddy, why did you go away?

My son, I love you with all of my heart and being away just tears me apart. I could only wave and just drive on by, I was trying so hard not to cry.

But Dad, I heard Mom tell someone that we're in her way; could you please come home and stay?  I promise that we won't be mad, if you will just come back to us Dad.

My dearest child, it was your Mother that sent me away; Oh Jesus Christ, just what should I say? Your Mother loves you and it will all be okay, she's just confused and won't let me come home to stay.

But Dad, each night you read us a story and tucked us in; last night we watched Mom drink from a bottle of gin. Dad please come home, we promise that we'll be good. We are both so very sad, Mom told us you left 'cause we were bad. We're sorry Dad.

Son, you're not the reason that I went away and if I was allowed, I'd come home today. You've done nothing wrong and I'm so sorry to see, the hurt in your eyes because you miss me.

Honey, my child, my reason to be, Your Mother loves you, can't you see? Of that you can be sure, you don't need to worry. And if she would let me I'd be home in a hurry. Please give Mommy some time and give her some space, and please take care of your sister. I miss you all so very much, but please... don't tell Mommy I miss her.

She will say I'm using you to cause and stir up trouble, and she'll go file another false charge; she'll do it on the double. My son, let things calm down and you both be good, right now things are in tatters. If we give her time and give her space, she may realize what matters.

I love you both more than life itself. Daddy

Originally written in 1981. Copyrighted 2007.

Copyright © 2007. Unlawful Flight. All rights reserved.


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